About Tea and Crones

Maiden. Mother. Crone. Whether you are Pagan, another religion, or no religion at all, the fact is that women will always be seen in these three ways. The idea of crossing into “Crone” territory can be empowering or scary, depending on how you view your own world and value.

In these days of “Okay Boomer” and needful change, the idea that there is wisdom to be had from an Elder can seem quaint and antiquated. Our position is that elder input is as exciting and relevant as it ever was, if not more so. While the world is changing at a breakneck pace, there are some methods and traditions worth preserving but at the same time, the ability to adapt keeps us moving forward. We invite fellow Crones and those who love Crone-talk to join us for our weekly free-flowing conversations.

Tea and Crones is a weekly unscripted conversation between Katrina and Corbie, integrating comments and questions from our Live Stream audience. You can lurk and listen or take part in the conversation. Tune us in on your drive home or brew up a cup of tea and kick back in your fluffy bunny slippers to listen and watch. Laugh with us, think with us, and learn with us.

We are all seekers and are all teachers. We HAVE to be. We are always learning and growing. As teachers, part of the agreement we make when we incarnate is that we will pass on what we learn to at least one other person. And those of us who have teacher energy in our blood know that one is never enough. If we can pass on what we’ve learned – whether through formal learning, life experience, or reaching into the Aethers – then we’re living our bliss. 

We two Crones come from different coasts. Different backgrounds. We have different skill sets and squints on the world. But BOTH of us have had lives that have been roller-coaster-no-brakes. One or the other of us has experienced poverty, abuse, serious illness, self-doubt – so many of the things that can blind you to possibility and numb you to self-understanding. So we’re here to spin tales, wrangle ideas, share some road stories – and maybe get you to laugh a little in the bargain. 

Pull up a chair. Grab your tea mug. And listen to a couple of old Crones talk with you (and each other) about some things.